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Let a thousand flowers bloom (but only in the shade).
May 24, 2012, 1:52 pm
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Wrote some, then went and planted a lot of impatiens.  My backyard is dominated by a giant tree.  As J points out, that means that it’s cool and protected from frosts, but…I cannot have poppies. Or pretty much anything that blooms in bright colors.  Each year, it’s a struggle not to bullshit myself about this. I have to rein in my inner Zenobia and just say no to the profusions of scarlets and yellows.  Meek little low-growing pinks and purples will have to do.


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Begonias can work OK, and some of them have a tad more color. Also there are brighter-colored impatienses for sale this year than I’ve seen in the past. But mostly, yeah.

Comment by nm

I’ve got a big bowl of begonias on my porch table. I like their foliage. I planted a bunch of huge impatiens with rich dark foliage, so I’m hoping for a tropical vibe. I suspect all of this will be moot, however, as we’ve got a huge vacation planned for the middle of the summer and I suspect that everything will go belly up in the heat without someone to water every evening. I can hire students to take care of the cats, but they aren’t so hot on gardening.

Comment by bridgett

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