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Quit piddling and write your book.
May 16, 2012, 8:09 am
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Baby steps, y’all.

Today, I’m rereading the mss with the goal of enjoying what’s good about it.  It’s been long enough since I wrote it that I’m kind of surprised that it came out of my brain and I need to appreciate that I have some skills. I’ll note places that jar me, interpretations that I no longer agree with or that I’m having other thoughts about, and obvious holes.  But I am consciously taking it easy on the self-criticism today.

But I have found my motivation, which is (maybe sadly, always) money.  I’m from the working class — I want to sell what I write, I want to get promoted in rank (which comes with more money), and I need to do so to help pay for my kid’s high school tuition (which is coming up shortly).  So, off we go.

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Good. And it is good. Damn good. It should be out there.

Comment by Aunt B.

Thanks. I am an hour into it and I already want to throw up. Had to take a break because I started crying at the obvious magnitude of the task ahead. I don’t know if I can make my brain function at that level any more. Just have to bugger onward.

Comment by bridgett

Think of it this way–you are THE expert. No one else is going to know if you’re wrong or missed something, except for the adjunct in 15 years who is like “NOOOO! This is all wrong! As I said in my dissertation, which no one will publish now, because libraries don’t want to buy more than one book on a subject anymore.”

And what’s that dude going to do? Stand on your lawn and complain? Not when he has to rush between 5 different community colleges teaching 8 different classes trying to piece together enough income to eat.

America’s growing disdain for college professors will work in your favor. You’ll totally be able to kick that exhausted, hungry dude’s butt.

Comment by Aunt B.

Well, you know, I want to read the finished product, so do it for me! If you’re on baby steps, surely “now read a chapter for nm” is appropriate.

Comment by nm

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