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What’s not witches is pirates…
September 4, 2010, 1:52 pm
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I’m at an odd stage in my research and teaching life. Instead of doing a lot of quotidian things to pay the academic rent in hopes of being able to do a little cool research now and then, I’m actually teaching about witches (next class, familial ideals, familial discord and their bearing on witch accusations/convictions) and researching pirates as a type of non-state national actor in the early modern period.

It’s actually a little frazzling.

In ordinary circumstances, I can put in my time on the survey class and then steal some focused time away on my cool stuff. Now, though, I’m so interested in everything that it’s actually a little hard to know where to look first. I also have a research assistant to keep busy on the piracy work, so I’m having to learn how to be a good research director without giving up all my most interesting stuff (which I actually want to look at).

Anyway, I realized today that this is the kind of career I never could have anticipated in graduate school and it’s actually more personally rewarding than the R1 career we were urged to see as the pinnacle of academic success.

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I had thought you were consumed by everyday life, glad to see that you’re posting again.

Pirates and witches? What’s next, honest politicians?

It sounds like a great pair of subjects to study. See if you can work in a field trip to Salem, MA so you can steep yourself in the history of that era (and get some good corned beef hash at “Brothers” diner.

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