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Girl (sleep) interrupted
September 3, 2010, 10:33 am
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I’m mentally toasted today. Kid has gone from being a “go to bed at 9, get up at 7” kind of a child to getting up about every fifteen to thirty minutes to tell me that she can’t sleep and could I please fix that.

I know that part of it is the surge of hormones that kick of puberty. I think that part of it is still grappling with the aftermath of having her lullaby eliminated unilaterally by me about a month ago. (A kid who wants to stay up until 10 every night and begs to watch Glee does not need a lullaby tuck-in.)

I am guessing that without that familiar ritual, she just doesn’t know how to shut herself off. Or, rather, she gets to sleep rather easily (9-11) and then can’t get back to sleep once she wakes up.

She gets plenty of exercise during the day, both running around outside at the park and dancing. She has a light snack before bedtime so I don’t think she’s hungry.

Any ideas about suitable age-appropriate bedtime rituals for a kid entering sixth grade? Alternately, any insights from your own experiences about what she/I can do to get her back to sleeping through the night?

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From personal experience and having learned the hard way, go see a doctor. This was the first symptom of a very difficult diagnosis for my son.

Comment by pattiwag

Hi Bridgett,

You could try letting her go to bed at the usual time and read for 15-30 minutes. I had the same issue growing up and that helped. Still does!

Comment by Anne

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