My Beautiful Wickedness

It can always get worse.
August 19, 2010, 9:38 pm
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Seriously. We now have skunks under the house. If this was a short story, my editor would tell me that I was being too damn obvious.


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Do you have a .22?

No fear, I’ll keep reading, if only because your week is beginning to eclipse mine in terms of suckiness and that makes me feel a bit better in a perverse sort of way. Sorry about that.

Comment by Janet Szabo

No, no .22. NY gun law being what they are (and me living
in a highly populated block in the capital of the state), I cannot just shoot the damn things and get it over with.

I am hoping that this (and by this, I mean atmospherically and expansive arm-gesturing all this) solves itself. Soon.

Isn’t Mariah due to leave for college soon?

Comment by bridgett

Yes, she’s leaving in about 10 days. We’re all excited. College is a wonderful experience.

Comment by Janet Szabo

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