My Beautiful Wickedness

And the moral of the story (that I’m not telling here) is…
August 18, 2010, 3:22 pm
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don’t try to cook when you’re angry. It never goes well.

So now I have a sinkful of dirty dishes, a five-person dinner to serve in less than two hours, many less ingredients than I had before, and a spiteful urge to call out for pizza. Really greasy pizza.

I am not a very good person.


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I’ll join you over there in “not a good person land” and keep you company.

Comment by Janet Szabo

Hell will be hot, but the company will be excellent.

Comment by bridgett

Yummmmmm … pizza …

can I come over?

Comment by RockyCat

No, because you’re allergic to oregano.

I kid. When I have my “bloggers who think giant fake rats are cool” party, you’re definitely on the list.

Comment by bridgett

hahahahaha you GOT me, Bridgett!

Comment by RockyCat

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