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August 17, 2010, 8:33 am
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My in-laws are in town. The planned family hike in the Adirondacks didn’t happen, but we did hike on an island that is at the confluence of the Hudson and the Mohawk. We also watched a lock operate. The planned going to the art museum didn’t happen on Monday either, but we did wind up spending all day at the track placing dollar bets and eating dry sandwiches that we’d packed along. I bought milkshakes for John and Kid and I. They were the best part of the day.

Today we still aren’t going to the art museum, but we are going to the county fair to look at the gladiolus. Kid’s friend was going to come along, but allergies intervened. I’m a poor substitute for another child, but at least I’ll ride the rides. We’ll leave after lunch and come back before dinner. Maybe we’ll go to the art museum on Thursday.

I am so not ready to be an old folk.


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Oh, and to be fair, Kid’s dance schedule influenced some of the “we can’t go here because she has to be at a practice at x:30. There’s always a good *reason* that you don’t get what you want, but sometimes it feels like that good reason is “because you wanted it.”

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