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The kitchen remodel
August 12, 2010, 9:06 am
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Yes, I’m trying to get my blog groove on again. I’m not thinking great thoughts at the moment, so I will assume if you’re reading, it’s because you already know me somehow (FB, BlogWorld, In Real Life) and you might want to know what I’m up to.

This month has been consumed in kitchen remodeling. No, not the kind that you see in a magazine or in Extreme Home DoOver, but the other kind…the “hey, when we get paid on Wednesday, let’s buy some more paint.”
I have a firm faith in white high gloss paint — I slop it around like a priest at Easter, on the walls, on the doors, on the cabinets. I also believe in getting rid of everything I don’t need — like, for the most part, cabinet doors. We’re taking most of them off and storing them down in the basement in case the next people to buy the house want to reinstall. Anyhow, these are not major renovations but they are making the kitchen look more open and the space that we have is put to better use. No cabinet doors, no need to spend money on new hardware. Plus, as a house divided between those who close (John) and those who don’t (me), we instantly got rid of one of the minor sources of domestic stress. I highly recommend it. We’ve reclaimed some cabinets that were useless due to their bad location (seriously people, who locates a cabinet directly behind the door) and got rid of some kitchen junk we weren’t using, so overall, it’s working a lot better. We’re going to install an over-the-door wine box (ooooh, styley!) so that we don’t have to take up counter space with wine bottles.

Speaking of, we haven’t quite figured out the counterspace issue yet, though we have gotten all the appliances except the Kitchenaid and the toaster into convenient shelf storage.
We installed the track lighting and over-sink lights last year. We went from being barely able to see to being bathed in beautiful useful light. The track lighting allows us to direct the beams where we need it, so counter surfaces suddenly became useable. (Of course, we have to keep them cleaner now because we can see the crumb piles, but oh well….)

We have 4 feet of beadboard (white, hi gloss) on the walls, then the wall itself. That’s going to be redone in a pale orange color (already know we love it because we put it elsewhere in the house). It will be a great improvement over the party-mint green color we inherited from the former owners.

The whole backsplash/countertop thing is going to have to wait while we stockpile some money. We don’t have a tremendously large kitchen (house built in 1914, so reasonable square footage) and the gold-fleck Formica is in good shape so we’ll probably just suck it up and live with it for a bit. What I really would like to put in is some of Green Depot’s beautiful red eco-friendly countertops and a recycled glass tile backsplash. It’s like the Cubs…maybe next year.

The wood floor is in pretty good shape. We’re old hands at refinishing those, so if we get really ambitious, we’ll (and by we, I mean John) get out the sander and go to it. It would be nice to have the cash to just call in the team of flooring guys and point to it and say “Go!” but that’s not where we are.

All of this remodeling is just building skills for next year’s grand adventure — the upstairs bathroom.


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Removing the cabinet doors is an awesome idea!

And I hear ya on the useless cabinets – I’ve got one up over the fridge. I have to use a stepladder to get to it.

Comment by RockyCat

Boo, back, You. I love kitchen remodels. I’ll send you pics of my own.

Comment by Jennifer

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