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November 15, 2009, 11:59 am
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I’ve been teaching five days a week (error in scheduling has me on campus pretty much all the time). I taught the intensive methods course (known colloquially as ‘boot camp’) and got to know all the first-year students pretty well. That has been the enjoyable part. The not-so enjoyable part has been grading 3 sections worth of weekly tests, teaching the early months of writing-intensive courses (when the writing skills have not yet picked up), and dealing with the students who are under-motivated. My solution is to focus on those who want to learn and go after the lost lambs but let the sullen and hostile fend for themselves. They have a choice to make — they will either get with the program or they will find somewhere else to study or they will persist in imagining themselves the victim of a hostage crisis of their own making, but I refuse to play the “you are my oppressor” game.

Note to sulky students: If you truly feel oppressed, you need to find a different place to be and something else to do. No hard feelings, kid, but it’s not my job to make you comfortable at every moment. I’m here to present material and challenge you and you then choose to learn or to ignore, to rise to the challenge or to go play beer pong or whatall. Most of your peers are trying their asses off while you’re asleep in my class, so I think it’s you and not me.

I’ve been working on an undergrad research journal and so that’s been good. The papers submitted vary in their readiness for print, but it’s kind of exciting to be working with a more progressed student who is thinking about grad school. Makes it easier to believe that the writing instruction I’m doing in boot camp will bear fruit eventually.

I’ve been working on student recruiting issues — we really want to bring in many more students and get more well-prepared students so we’re amping up the amount of time we spend contacting high school seniors. Right now my main contribution has been to help write some letters presenting what we have to offer, but I imagine that at some point I’ll be travelling around on the recruiting tour as well. I feel a little like a college coach.

And speaking of, I’m also a new appointee to the Athletic committee. I’m still not exactly sure what I’ll be doing there, but I tend to get along well with the student-athletes here and I think faculty tend to dismiss them intellectually and I’d like to turn that around. As the mother of a student who is also a dedicated athlete, I know that these are the kids who have to have exceptional discipline in a variety of arenas and I think it’s worth my time to advocate for them.

Along those lines, I’ve been spending five nights a week either at the dance studio or at the gym watching Kid do her thing. She’s actually dancing fewer routines than last year but she is more serious about ballet, so she’s taking class with her balletmistress more frequently. That alone accounts for why I’m not writing here. I just don’t have a lot of time at home any more and what time I do have, I’m grading.

However (before this turns into the most boring blog post ever…too late, too late), I will be getting my old work schedule back next semester so I will be able to write here more and with more interesting content.


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Glad to hear that it was enervation and not ennui that was keeping you from posting. I never understood beer pong and other drinking games. Back when I wanted to get drunk I needed no encouragement or excuses.

Drive those kids like rented mules, how the else they gonna learn that the real world does not, for most folks, cut a lot of slack?

Sounds like your daughter is involved, engaged and energetic about her dance and athletics. don’t know you, or her, but I think I get enough from your posts and comments to conclude that you won’t let her get knocked out of round by not working on all facets of her education.

Good to see you back.

Comment by democommie

Yippee! Good to see (read) you again!

Comment by RockyCat

Tradition demands: hippo birdie two ewe…

Comment by John Gruver


Happy Holidays!

Comment by democommie

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