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My crazy neighbor and other things I want to write a little bit about
August 16, 2009, 5:11 pm
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Ok, so I have this crazy neighbor — crazy in a funny ha-ha “look what that crazy bastard is out there doing” sort of way. When we replace a toilet, he goes immediately out and replaces his toilet. When we mow our lawn, it won’t be fifteen minutes until he’s grunting and sweating to mow his. When we pulled some old beaten-up furniture to the curb, he did too — but his pile was a little bigger and a little more beat up. This has gone on for five years. Yesterday, I painted our front door a beautiful sky-blue and I jokingly asked my husband what color Louis was going to paint his…and wouldn’t you know it? Red. He painted it red. I think I might loudly announce I’m going to have sex tonight so that Mrs. Louis can get herself some.

It’s delightfully hot outside — finally some real summer weather. Everyone else in my family is stricken and I’m in my glory. I’m out here on the porch to get warm because it’s so cool inside with the A/C on.

Kid has gotten one of her pieces of solo music — Jamie Cullen’s version of “Kick in the Head.” I think she might tap to Ella Fitzgerald’s cut of “Give Me The Simple Life.” It’s going to be very groovy and Rat Pack-y around my house this year.

Martha Graham was a genius. It’s a shame that she was so fiercely unlikeable and self-involved, because it made it easy to dismiss what she accomplished by being driven, vain, and uncompromising.

I have been catching up on scrapbooking — that exercise where you try to figure out what you’ve been doing with your time when you haven’t been working for the man. It’s a real clarifying exercise. I now don’t feel so bad that I haven’t published more; I have spent my years very wisely enjoying my life with my husband, my child, my friends, and my extended family. The archives and journals will still be there in a few years and actually, I’ve done a lot of professional writing in the last few weeks, but I wouldn’t trade what I have done for all those things that I idly wish from time to time that I would have accomplished.


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Isn’t the hot weather great? Finally!

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