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July 23, 2009, 10:07 am
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It turns out that this blog-friend and this neighbor/teaching colleague/fellow beleagured interdisciplinary studies chair know each other pretty dang well.  Facebook is one big non-stop WTF? for me these days.

And now I’m wondering…so, is he kin to the bluegrass Rices and why haven’t I asked him about that before? Because bluegrass, like the “so, are you kin to…” questions that help me make sense of who you are and how we are connected, is a foreign language up here and the idea that anyone else speaks it just never occurred to me.   That’s the problem when you learn to pass — it becomes so ingrained to keep your lives separate, the place you come from and go back to different than the place where you go to earn your daily bread, that when the two places meet, it’s discombobulating.  


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OT, but I think a post from you re: the few, the batshit insane, the GOP Base–would be in order.

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