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Nintendo invasion
July 21, 2009, 10:54 am
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Well, after ten Nintendo-free years, we broke down and got a DS for the family (that is, for Kid and John…I imagine that I’ll never even get to touch it.) I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m worried that all the time that used to go into making samba outfits for dolls and making fairy houses and so forth will be eaten up tapping away on a screen and bossing around digital dogs rather than playing with her real live (and far less cooperative) cat.

Oh well. I could have kept saying no, I guess. That’s the suck part about being a progressive, though. Sometimes you have to walk the walk and really let the kid be who she wants to be, insofar as it is not dangerous, harmful to her health and enjoyment of life, or excessively disruptive of family harmony.


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Resistance is futile.

You will find that the dog thing is cute as all getout. Till you grow tired of the darned thing barking constantly in the back seat. (I had it times two, and sometimes the things would bark AT each other).

I’ll disagree that allowing your kids to be and become who they are is particularly progressive (in the socio-political sense). We all know the stereotype of the overbearing conservative parent, but I’ve known many politial liberals who attempt to mold and shape their children in their own images as well. Some succeed, most don’t. My kids go to school with quite a few of these kids with such parents.

No, I think what you’ve described is less sociological and more of a parenting philosophy. I happen to share it with you. It can be maddening sometimes, but I think in the end, it’s worth it.

Comment by Slartibartfast

Well, it might be that we are both true to principles — we both believe that humans possess free will and need to have the chance to learn and grow and become what God has in mind for us to be. I think that ideological people on either end of the spectrum fall down pretty badly on this when it comes to parenting — they want ideological copies, not kids who know how to think and grow into their own adulthood.

I am so sick of hearing “Lily, SIT! Lily, Lily, Lily, DOWN!” and it’s only been twelve hours. I picked a very bad week to give up cussing.

Comment by bridgett


I have not given up cursing (nor will I do so in this life). So I can say that the shorter version of learning experientially is that you can’t grow up if you don’t fuck up, from time to time–and bear the consequences.

Comment by democommie

Cussing is a dance, a form of music, the way I paint it out so that you know it just like I feel it. It’s like my elbow, always there and necessary for the conduct of ordinary business. I could no more quit cussing entirely than I could jump up and fly, and to be honest, I don’t want to lose the mother-tongue entirely.


I have a ten-year-old who is beginning to want to test out the big girl waters and sneak a little “well, I’m just repeating what you said” into her audio track. If I am selling the “hey, don’t do that” as a case of breadth of vocabulary makes most swearing unnecessary and it’s to be reserved for situations and people that truly merit it, yet peppering my own talk with idle habit-cuss (why say crazy when you can say crazy-ass? why say oops when you can say shit?), I’m not being very effective in showing how and when a good loud cuss can help the situation.

Incidentally, the people who swear when they are in pain have been demonstrated to endure pain better than those who are silent or who pray loudly. I don’t know why that is, but it’s a good argument against giving up the shit entirely, right?

Comment by bridgett


Yeah I read that the other day. Good to know that “laughter is the best medicine”, but “profanity is a great anaestheic”.

Comment by democommie

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