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Dear struggling student…
July 15, 2009, 2:28 pm
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Yes, you. The kid who has ignored me every advising session for the last three semesters. You, the student who has been repeatedly informed (I know, I have the e-mails) that you need to take the required methods course before you can take anything else besides survey intros. You, the person who aspires to be a high school history teacher but can’t be bothered to show up for a single women’s history class because “it’s dumb that I have to take this.” You who are apparently mystified about why you’re failing out of school.

I know you’re on academic probation. I didn’t hear it from you, of course, but because we do crazy things like talk to each other between Academic Advising and the disciplinary departments and the Dean. I know. Your contention is that you’ve gotten bad advice or no advice, but in the last semester, I’ve tried to contact you five times by e-mail and three times by phone. The only contact you’ve made to me is a demand that I give you your password for on-line registration so that you can register haphazardly for more credit hours than three people of your intellectual heft could manage.

I will make one more effort to steer you out of trouble and point out that a) you still haven’t taken the methods course that I’m offering this fall; b) you are enrolled for courses that will not advance you towards degree completion, even if you pass them; and c) you are taking a brain-crushing overload and that course, when you are already on academic probation, is unwise.

And then you’re on your own, cowboy.


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Why do you hate America? Hour Stoodents is lurnine plenty gud stuff, you betcha.

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