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July 13, 2009, 7:25 am
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I have had so much fun in the last week or so that if I have to have any more fun, I’ll probably just cry from overstimulation.  I had a good time in Boston (NYC trip got cancelled at the last minute, but I didn’t really mind) and Kid’s dance team was extraordinarily successful.  She personally won 10 platinum medals, a high gold medal, six first place rankings (including top honors in all her solos, duets, and trios — so I guess you could, if you were lame, call her national champion in her age group even though there’s about a billion national dance competitions), and several overall high scores.  The trophies were huge and heavy and I had to carry home a lot of them. The best part (other than her having a great time dancing and meeting new people and working with new choreographers at the master classes) was that her team won the sportsmanship award for the whole competition.  The people running the competition couldn’t say enough good things about the kids and the way that they supported each other and were courteous and helpful to the other teams.  That makes me feel pretty good as a parent.

We got some time to do the tourist thing and I’ll tell you where we went on the next post.  Right now, though, I’ve got a kid who is really hungry and needs some breakfast.


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Comment by patti

🙂 I’m sorrier you missed NYC than you are, because I was looking forward to hearing about it…will perch and wait patiently for a Boston post.

Comment by imfunny2

Patti, welcome back. It sounds like you had abundant need of some private space and it’s my hope that your happy change of plans will bring only easier times.

The brief skinny is that we went aboard the USS Constitution, I learned much more about the Barbary War than I had ever known before, we toured a Navy destroyer, John took so many pics of the dry docks that the security guys got nervous, my knees crapped out halfway up the Bunker Hill monument climb, we ate many good meals out at places like Legal Seafood and the Daily Grill, we bought some stuff at Quincy Market, and we spent the last day hanging out at the harbor watching the tall ships, watching whales, going to the New England Aquarium, watching the penguins and seals in the aquarium. It was ungodly expensive and very fun mostly. And we watched a LOT of dance.

Comment by bridgett

Dang, I loved Boston. I want to go back one day, when I’m not conventioneering and have more time to look around.

Ungodly expensive is right, though.

I can’t wait to hear more about your trip.

Congrats to Kid!

Comment by Slartibartfast


Glad to hear that you had a good time. I worked in Boston’s Financial District (none of it rubbed off on me) for about 6 years and spent about 30 hours in town when I wasn’t working. I much preferred driving in early in the morning on weekends, hitting the Haymarket farmer’s market and taking a stroll, then getting the hell out of Dodge before th swarms arrived.

The Daily Grill, is that the place that’s on Fan Pier, by the Moakley Courthouse?

Comment by democommie

Yes, we went to the one on Fan Pier, although there are a couple of other locations. My mom is a very conservative eater — has to be meat and taters, nothing spicy, everything omerican and off on the sugary/greasy/salty end of things. Oh, and if she doesn’t get dinner by 5 pm, she feels like it’s just too late to eat. I was suffering to have to pass by all these local Ethiopian, Indian, and Thai places, but at least I know where they are now.

Comment by bridgett

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