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Busy weekend…
May 26, 2009, 8:07 am
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Friday — Kid had a pizza party to attend with her dance team. The hosts (both mother and daughter) are wonderful people; I so admire them for making their home a welcoming place.  I have a lot to learn on that front.  My home is comfortable but requires overlooking of things like the completely broken bathroom upstairs, the pile of toy clutter on the porch, and the general lived-in look it acquires after a long weekend.  Anyhow, John and I went out to dinner and took a lovely sunset walk around a local park that reminds us both of Iowa. It was a sweet way to spend an evening. 

Saturday — After dance, it was a day at Great Escape (a local Six Flags park). The weather was gorgeous and the lines were super-short.  We never waited more than three or four minutes to get on anything.  That made for double and triple rides of the big wooden coaster and other “big” rides.  Kid talked us into sitting in the splash zone for the pirate show, so we got completely soaked.  She also likes the raft rides – ditto.  Anyhow, it was a long and happy day.  I have to brag on my kid for a minute.  We were in the park for about eight hours and we had not one whine, no sulk, no disagreeable anything.  She was cheerful and excited and just a delight to be with.  

Sunday — After dance, we went to see the new Trek movie.  I loved it.  I’m not very critical about movies, so you won’t be getting a big dissection of the strengths and weaknesses.  It was meant to enjoy, not think about too much.  We also watched the Red Sox beat the Mets (yay!) and tried to watch the Coca-Cola 600, but that was rained out. 

Monday — yardwork in the early morning, doing all the leftover maintenance stuff we hadn’t gotten to yet.  Then planting stuff (Kid had gotten some seeds for Easter in her basket and so we stuck them in the ground and hoped that the frost was over), a huge doll fashion show with appropriate silliness, some board games, and a big barbeque in the early afternoon. The Coca Cola 600 was again a big bust — hated the way it ended, even though I’m the most casual of fans — but did give us the reason to turn off the TV and do something with our lives.  Kid danced a couple of hours (competition coming up this weekend) and then, after she went to bed, we we watched the second episode of the Tudors.  It’s like soft-core porn for historians. 

Today Kid’s still off from school, so I don’t know what we’ll get up to. We had to soak the sweetpea seed overnight, so there’s still that to do.  I might also try to make her a top out of white eyelet so she’ll hush about an overpriced top she saw at the store.  Maybe we’ll just go to a playground and have a good time — she’s got callused hands from swinging on the monkeybars, so I know that she would enjoy that.


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Wow – you guys are busy! Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Comment by RockyCat


That sounds like a great way to spend a weekend.

Comment by democommie

Sounds nice.

I think “The Tudors” is like soft-core porn for eveyone.

Comment by Gerald

But really well-produced soft-core porn. Tasteful.

Yeah, you’re right. It appeals to my prurient interests more than my “wtf is up with changing all the popes names etc…”

Comment by bridgett

I ditched Showtime (and the Tudors) heroically to save ten bucks a month when I returned to disability. (And perhaps because I’m really not all that invested in the ‘story’ both real and fictional, of Henry’s life after Jane Seymour’s death.)

Comment by imfunny2


I’d like to change the pope’s gender. Then maybe the RCC would actually employ some of that compassion it so tirelessly orders the rest of humanity to practice.

Comment by democommie


Comment by imfunny2

We’ve come a long way, baby…the entirety of the discussion about Sotomayor has been that she’s a LIBRUL! HISPANIC! ACTIVIST! (and a little bit that she’s a CATHOLIC!) Nobody is having a shit fit that she’s a she.

Comment by bridgett

Ed Brayton over at Scienceblogs put up a post about the complaints that the reichwingers were ranting on. I said that the one I was surprised NOT to see was that all of the courts documents would have to be bi-lingual so’s she could read them.

If they’re gonna bitch about her being catholic, she’s one of what, six, if she is confirmed?

Comment by democommie

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