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Done with the semester…
May 11, 2009, 9:59 am
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It’s all over but the tears and shouting from students — in one section, the Ds and Fs far outnumbered the rest of the grades, but students earn what they earn and I can’t turn a piss-poor effort into an adequate performance on the basis of whether your parents think you are the most brilliant kid ever. (I think my kid is the bee’s knees, but that’s a different issue than whether she can analyze primary documents and write a cogent argument based on that analysis.)

Anyhow, my grades are submitted, my students (including Jimmy Fallon) are commenced, my books are ordered, the honors ceremonies and retirement ceremonies and end-of-the year recitals are over, and I am no longer department chair.

Hello summer.


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Did you really have a student named Jimmy Fallon?

Comment by RockyCat

THE student named Jimmy Fallon (SNL, his own talk show) just graduated from my college. I had nothing to do with that, as I arrived on campus after he’d left to pursue his comedy career and was on sabbatical last semester when the faculty were all weighing in on whether portfolio work from his TV show was equivalent to internship credit at the local CBS affiliate. His commencement speech was pretty good.

I also taught Evil Kneivel’s granddaughter once upon a time, but that’s neither here nor there.

Comment by bridgett

Have a great summer, kid…

Comment by imfunny2


Well, it would have been here or there if she had offered to have her grandson jump the Hudson in exchange for a passing grade! Enjoy the summa!

Comment by democommie

We finished up with grades and all yesterday and commencement is tonight (at Richard Childress Racing HQ – welcome to NC! (which is actually in Welcome NC, come to think of it)). I’m hanging out in the office because today is the last day of my contract and we need to maintain “faculty presence” (even after the state announced they are taking a percentage of our salaries back to make up for the budget shortfall.)

Next year – higher caps on our courses (our fall enrollment is up by nearly 40% over last fall), probably one more course (21 semester hours), and the same or less pay. Still – I’ve got a job.

Comment by Gerald

My caps also got bumped up (by 25%), which will translate into another section’s worth of students crammed into the same amount of classes. This isn’t good for the students — this crop we’re in right now needs much more support than the ones that just graduated did, so our administration has decided to give them less. Go figure.

However, it’s better than digging ditches or detasseling corn, so I abide.

Comment by bridgett

Amen – we have 12% unemployment hereabouts. Yay having a job!

Comment by Gerald

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