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Where does all the time go?
May 9, 2009, 6:02 am
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Yesterday, it went to

household chores (2 hours)

grading papers and doing the math for final grades (3 hours)

returning e-mails from distraught students (1.25 hours)

attending school function with Kid (1.5 hours)

promenading in the park, enjoying the sun, and watching the tulips bloom (1 hour)

making hats for Kid’s play (1 hour)

supervising dance practice (2 hours)

watching Midsummer’s Night’s Dream and eating popcorn (2 hours)

Facebooking, posting on blogs, reading newspaper online (1 hour)


I’m having a Ben Franklin moment here where I’m feeling like I should impose a more virtuous scheme on my days for the sake of improvement, but everyone’s got to have a little meandering down time.

 I am having a lot of fun with making these hats.  They’re turning out great, considering that I have no pattern and no previous experience.  Sometimes the “hey, what would a person who was making a hat then have access to and what types of techniques might they have used?” gets you surprisingly close to the mark. Audience ignorance of what they are really supposed to look like takes you the rest of the way.  They wouldn’t pass muster at a Ren Faire, but as costume pieces they look nice and they are durable enough to last through the performances.


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Down time is the best. And I’ll bet the hats turn out way cool.

Comment by RockyCat


Congrats on surviving another NE winter. It’s pretty frikkin gorgeous right now, here hard by the lake (Ontario) and it reminds me why I like it here.

William Yelverton (of Bill’s TN Paradise blog is playing a concert in Johnson City, NY, tomorrow at 2PM. I don’t know if you’re familiar with his music, but he’s a great classical player and teaches at Middle Tennessee State.

Comment by democommie

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