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April 7, 2009, 7:25 am
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— intentionally giving my daughter bad hairdos to speed her towards grooming independence, no matter what she thinks.

— stressed out by my ordinary workload. I am stressed out by unrealistic overpromising predicated on my belief that I “owe” for my good fortune.

— surprised that NC won. Disappointed, but not surprised.

— interested in being a program chair any more, so I’ve lined up my replacement and will be making a graceful exit so that I can concentrate on my writing and teaching.

— happy that it’s snowing. Again. In April.

— going to get to meet the Dalai Lama next week after all.

— taking it personally, but my students aren’t working very hard in my class. Need to help them figure out their motivation, because it must not be high grades. Just sayin’.

— getting enough exercise. On the up side, I’m still walking and my back pain’s a lot better. Classes are over in early May, so I’m going to plan to do what I can until then and then hit it when I have more time.

— understanding why everyone thinks John Rich went over so big at the ACMs. Going over big is what Montgomery Gentry did. (Wearing a ridiculous dress is what Carrie Underwood did, but I digress…she looked like a blowzy American Beauty rose.)

— keeping up with reading the books that come into the house. It’s the only savings plan (besides the one for Kid) that I routinely contribute to.

There. Ten quick hits. Turn it into a meme if you want to.


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I am not interested in trying that hard to maintain focus for the time it takes to make a list like that. Thank you for doing it, so I don’t have to!

Comment by demoommie

Hey, the coolest piece of this list: meeting the Dalai Lama….

Comment by imfunny2

Yeah, I was supposed to be having an audience with him (me and a bunch of other people from my campus) but he had to cancel his appearance in Albany. There’s a chance he’ll be back in town next year, but whether I’ll get the chance is anyone’s guess.

Comment by bridgett

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