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April 5, 2009, 10:39 am
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It turns out that Albany does have a botanica and occult store. I drove past it today (obviously haven’t been exerting myself too hard to find it, as it’s only about two miles from my house). Looks like their window display is emphasizing Orisha/Yoruba voudun stuff — I’m not enough of an expert to know whether the santos are from Santeria or Umbanda or whatall. Anyhow, looked like an interesting place. I used to know someone who was an Iyanifa (or claimed to be…she was also somewhat unreliable and overburdened with the cares of reality, so she sometimes came a little unanchored, which is a valuable quality to have in someone who travels back and forth between her gods’ place and ours). She had talked about this store, but was always vague on its location.


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Please do me a favor the next time you’re over that way. See is she has any “Joe the (un)Plumber” or “Rushbo” dolls?

Comment by democommie

Will do. Doubt if the gods work in that straightforward a way, though. What do you plan to do to the Rushbo doll, anyhow? Deny it a libation of Vicodin?

Comment by bridgett

Forgot to ask…how was the trip back to Nebraska?

Comment by bridgett


No, I was thinking that I would get a Raggedy Ann doll and have that “little red haired girl punching Carlkins in the schoolyard” scenario on an endless loop.

Nebraska was flat, cold and fun. It’s like a jamboree where all of the democommie diaspora come home to terrorize the intowners for the weekend. Nashville was fun, too.

I never did get to that restaurant, time was what it was. Next trip, perhaps.

Comment by democommie

Dang, didn’t know you were going to Nashville too. (Or maybe I did. My memory’s fershit on some stuff.) Mack didn’t put you to work, did he? Sounds like he’s got his place looking really pretty.

Comment by bridgett

No, Mack didn’t put me to work. He showed me around the property and introduced me to the horses and other livestock. We ate some food, had a few cocktails and shot the breeze. I’m sorta banged up at the moment, but I would have been perfectly willing to supervise–as long as there was plenty of cold beer!

Comment by democommie

Aw, sounds like fun. Unfortunately, if two people who have never met can be said to be estranged, Mack and I are. Has something to do with me telling him he could kiss my ass…bastard took an attitude about that. Imagine! Oh well. Internets be like that sometimes.

Comment by bridgett

Well, I never met Mack until I went to his house. He’s a good guy in my book. Having said that I try not to let my friends’ choice of other friends affect my relationships. Sometimes it’s a little difficult when you’re all in the same room, but I get through it.

Comment by demoommie

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