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March 23, 2009, 9:50 am
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Some weeks are like that.

I am so damn tired that there is not enough coffee in the town to keep me going. I feel like a loser, but I cancelled my class today (again…twice in the last week) because between the sickness that will not leave, the dance competitions back-to-back, the two-week visit from Mom (lovely, mostly, but busy showing her a good time, so no down time), the ramping up for competition (three weeks of practices nearly every day), and the backlog of grading that is robbing all the enjoyment out of teaching, I’m just done in.

So, I’m a loser. But once I decided to stay home and focus on getting the grading done and puttering and decompressing and maybe taking a nap if I want to later and getting the laundry done and all the rest of the stuff that needs to be taken care of…once I decided that I would knock just one thing off the list (the teaching part), everything else seemed a little more manageable. My students are working on a large paper assignment and are reading a big book this week, so if I were in need of justifying, I could find a good pedagogical reason to provide them out-of-class instructional time, but honestly, I am still sick and I’m run down and wouldn’t have given them very good value for their money stumbling around half-dead. My plan is to regroup and go at it again full-tilt on Wednesday.

But on to the fun part. The medal count. Kid’s done two dance competitions in two weeks, so she’s in full swing. She finally got her platinum that she’s been working towards, but it came in a group routine, so she doesn’t think that counts. She danced really well in her solo last weekend and the judges rewarded her for it; this weekend, I thought she did equally well, but the judges weren’t crazy about what they saw. That’s disappointing, but that’s the way the mop flops sometimes. I hope that it teaches her to take what she can from it and move on — after all, she’s only ten and she will, God willing, have other performances on which to build.

Overall, though, she’s been having a great season with a lot of laughs and making good memories of hanging out with her friends. This weekend, in her group routines, she had six first places, a second place, and a third place, but the 2d and 3d were when she danced against herself in group numbers. Last weekend, one of her groups won overall high score for the competition and she had a number of top finishes. Her studio has been cleaning up as well — most entertaining, best choreography, sweeping overall high scores in all categories last weekend and most of the high scores this weekend.

The hardware tally in two weekends: 17 ribbons, 1 gold medal, 2 trophies. (More than my husband won in four years of varsity cross-country.)


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You’re not a loser! You’re just human, and sick, and tired. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

And congrats to the Kid!

Comment by RockyCat

Ok….not that I haven’t mentioned this a few times since the fall of 1982…


For the love of (i dunno what) cut yourself some slack!

This public service message brought to you by someone who is realizing that being off work is it’s own freakin job…

Comment by imfunny2

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