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Competence is its own punishment
March 3, 2009, 2:31 pm
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Those who know how wind up doing more than those who feign inability. Most of what I do isn’t difficult — it’s just time-consuming and requires the specialist training that anyone with the degree I have already possesses. I think, though, that there’s a tendency to distribute certain jobs on the premise that these jobs need to be done on deadline, right the first time. Some people will do this. Others can or will not or complain about being overwhelmed. Just save that talk. Everyone is overwhelmed. Everyone has too much grading to do. Everyone can think of other things that he or she would like to do with his or her leisure time. And no, curricular design is not anyone’s favorite thing in the world. BUT, if you’re really serious about improving the quality of high school teaching and thus the readiness of first-year college students to absorb what we want to lay on them, you (yes, you who complains about how lousy our freshmen are) should be the first person jumping up and saying “YES! I will be happy to contribute. Tell me how!”

But not so. Because you want to use YOUR spring break to relax. Like the rest of us didn’t.

Pffffffttttt. This is a day that deserves to be given the raspberries.


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Oh, I hear you – it gets tiring sometimes picking up other people’s slack. And then you do it anyway, because otherwise the stuff will not get done. *sigh*

Comment by RockyCat

Yup. My husband and I planned to take the week off. Nope. Too much needs to be done. We’re down to half a week now. By tomorrow I expect it will be further reduced to a long weekend. And he’ll probably work part of that weekend. Not to mention that he’s been working at least part of every weekend for months, working late and in the evening trying to make time for this “vacation.”

Comment by listie

These were the folks that back in grade school whenever a ‘group project’ was required sat back and let the curve-wrecker handle it all…I just know it.

Comment by imfunny2

Social loafing at its finest.

Amazing how the least effective are rewarded for such behavior by never being considered for additional work that would benefit everyone.

(Says the one who will be in her office most of next week)

Comment by Angela Gordon

fortunately for me, competence is not in my “skilz setz”. Otoh, I’m always good at shovelling shit, so I have been tasked with some very nasty jobs from time to time. Currently I am self-employed, the boss is a jerk and the pay sucks–but I have the pleasure of knowing that everything I’m losing is my own!

Comment by democommie

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