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The ****** Monologues
March 2, 2009, 11:00 am
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Yes, that’s how the flagship state university of New York (SUNY-Albany) advertised the Vagina Monologues on its sign last week. This prompted my daughter to ask what they were advertising. I told her the title of the play and an interesting conversation ensued:

Kid: So vagina is a bad word?
Me: Nope. It’s the term for that part of your body, just like arm is the word for arm and leg is the word for leg and penis is the word for penis.
Kid: Then why don’t they just print it so that people will know what play is being advertised? Otherwise, you could get the idea that having a vagina is a bad thing, right?

Oh, yes. Right you are.


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Perhaps they were having a contest to see how many other interesting “names” folks would come up with. I think it’s hilarious when people use a substitute for some term that they find offensive–especially when it becomes synonymous with the term they find offensive.

Comment by democommie

Then it would have been the **** Monologues, or the ****** Monologues. It’s the sixth asterisk that clues you in that it can’t be a commonly used slang term for female genitalia.

So when are you coming through Albany?

Comment by bridgett


I’m still working that thin line between snark and obtuseness!

I’m leaving on a jet plane next wednesday, 5:00 PMish. I’m probably going to leave early in the morning and try to get to the “big city” early enough to do some touristic gawkin’ at the tall buildins’ and other exotica! If I can, I will try to do lunch at that restaurant or, failing that, I will try to hit it when I come back on the 20th.

Comment by democommie

Our college just became the first community college to buy the rights to stage a production of the Vagina Monologues. We are having problems finding cast and members of the administration are already starting to get nervous. I’m willing to bet that the combination of those will mean that despite the money we spent that we won’t actually do the production.

Comment by Gerald

We’re one of only 15 Catholic colleges in the US to still do the play every year despite the censorious and body-shaming goings on of the Cardinal Newman Society. The way we’ve gotten around that is to have it be entirely student-led. It basically bubbles up from the ground every year around the end of January and honestly, I’m the chair of Women’s Studies and I can’t tell you who organized it because it’s really that independent a production.

It’s funny. I wouldn’t characterize our students as ardently (or for the most part, even mildly) feminist in consciousness. However, this is one of those things that goes on every year because there’s a core of students who see it as a necessary thing to do.

Comment by bridgett

The venue here had to be changed. Some thought it unseemly that a play which used such words should be presented in a certain hall, although other controversial programs are held there all the time. Ah, the power of the V word to make people squirm.

Comment by listie

Tell the daughter for me that she’s smarter than many, many adults. 🙂

Comment by Rachel

Good for you for giving your daughter a straight answer !
People can be so strange.Even in the more liberal UK the performance was frequently referred to as “The V Monologues”.

I saw the “show” in Hartford CT last February. It was one of the most moving and most entertaining stage performances I have ever attended.

I stumbled across this blog while googling Personal Hygiene in Colonial Times. I teach school groups at a small Colonial House Museum in Connecticut and the kids are always fascinated by bathing and bathroom practices in those times.

Comment by Pink Filly

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