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Oh, really? A civil war in Mexico?
February 27, 2009, 9:56 pm
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I was startled to read today that there was a civil war in Mexico. Really? How did I miss this? So I jumped to the computer and began to search for the sacking of cities, the collapse of democratic institutions, and the widespread civil violence…meh, not so much.

No, it’s not a civil war. There’s a lot of border area drug violence, but it doesn’t appear to be a generalized failure of the state or its institutions. Both federally and provincially, most of Mexico (maybe not around the Texas border, and not down in Chiapas) is doing ok and is not awash in a general revolt or a massive breakdown of rule of law. Where there’s a lot of drugs and money, there will be police corruption, so yeah, that’s pretty bad. But it’s not a civil war any more than Chicago in the 1920s was a civil war. It’s a non-state gang war for turf and for money and for prestige and honor and probably for the hell of it.

So who’s promoting the label “civil war”? Well, Newt Gingrich, for one. Republican news media outlets, for another. Right-wing nuts from Texas for a third. And let’s speculate on why they are doing this? Because “civil war” sounds a whole lot better than “The US buys a hell of a lot of cheap drugs from Mexico. There are over 6000 US gun shops within 100 miles of the Mexican border and those arms dealers are responsible for the sale of over 90% of the guns in Mexico.” Those guys love to pretend that the one thing has nothing to do with the other, but what kind of idiots do they think we are?


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There were some “failed state” doomsayers on Diane Rheem’s show on friday and a caller took them to task. Of course he’s a buinessman whose only experience is actually going to Mexico–a lot–as opposed to the two “experts” who are getting their information from the people who want the feds to dish out money for their HS projects. Lying bastards.

Comment by democommie

Tongue of Newt…none to accurate…

Comment by imfunny2

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