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I want to dream like a kid dreams…
February 27, 2009, 12:33 pm
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you know, the impossible long hallways of a school that suddenly bloom with a carpet of roses and you’re a grey cat and maybe there’s a really good playground but there’s a mudpuddle under the swing and so (as a cat) you are afraid to get wet. Or a dream where you’re riding on a wagon that is swaying and hurtling towards a cliff and just as the horses plunge over, a mechanical robot hand reaches out and catches you, depositing you safely on the ground below.

Instead, I have boring adult dreams. Last night, my subconscious drove around an unspecified college campus in a beige mid-size sedan looking for a parking space. All. Night. Long.

Imagine my frustration when I finally found a parking spot, pulled in, turned off the car, checked my makeup — and the alarm clock rang.


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hmmm. I want your childhood dreams too. (Or are they Kid’s?) But in the kid dreams I remember, I was trying to convince my family that they really, really needed to leave the burning house, even though they’d rather stay in the kitchen eating ice cream with chocolate syrup. Or trying to figure out how to drive an out of control car with my short little five year old legs because my little brother and sister were in the back seat and the grown-ups had all inexplicably vaporized or fallen out of the car or something. (And I swear I had a picture postcard, sheltered suburban childhood that gave me no reason for such grave anxieties.)
Thankfully, now that I’ve actually learned to drive a car, I never dream about actually doing it.

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