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Jerking around on Facebook…
February 26, 2009, 4:24 pm
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If you want to be friended, let me know.


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Oooh ooh! Me me me! (Btw, will be moving sort of close to your neck of the woods soon.)

Comment by Krista

Krista, there are tons of people with your name (none overtly from Mpls/StPaul) and only one of me. Search Bridgett Williams-Searle and friend me and I’ll be happy to respond.

So, the job search, she marched bien? Congratulations! Whereabouts are you landing?

Comment by bridgett

Me, too!

Comment by listie

I’m still trying to sign up.

Comment by imfunny2


I will not be moving to the Albany area (those of us who live in Oswego haven’t much, but we have our pride of place!);) However, I will be emplaning and deplaning from your fair city’s aerodrome when I fly to the vast midwaste, for my nephews wedding in a coupleaweeks. I may have to check out that restaurant you profiled recently.

Comment by democommie

Demo, it’s worth the trip and really, it’s only about a ten minute drive from the airport. Get on 90 going south, keep going past the tollway exits and get off on Western Avenue headed east. Creo will be on your left, in the front of Stuyvesant Plaza.

Comment by bridgett

This is hilarious – Facebook claims you don’t exist at all. And neither do various permutations of your name.

OK, I have a FB badge at the bottom of the sidebar on my blog. It should take you straight to me and then you can friend me and then I can friend you and then I can email you with job details!

Comment by Krista

Yup; Krista’s right. You don’t exist on facebook.

Comment by listie

Hmmm….but I have no problem finding any of you…must have something to do with my privacy settings. On the up side, it makes it so that nobody finds me that I don’t want to find me…but on the down side, my actual friends can’t find me either.

I’ll have to decide whether the liabilities outweigh the benefits.

Comment by bridgett

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