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The “fuck” index
February 12, 2009, 4:12 pm
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The more I conjugate “fuck” in my daily speech, the worse the day.

I think I’ve set a new personal record (or a new post-parenthood personal record at the very least). If I could, I’d just slink off to bed and pull the plug on this day. Being an adult, however, means that there are always more things that have to be done, whether there’s any joy in the doing or not.

At least I know that I have flowers on the way from somebody. Now if only I can get the florist to return my call so I can go pick them up.


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I’d say that your personal best would probably be my mid-morning normal. Yeah, I swear WAY too much. I’m not sending anybody flowers, but if I did you’d be a candidate.

Comment by democommie

Your first sentence makes me want to research causation vs correlation.


I hope you have a better day.

Comment by Slartibartfast

Yes, Slarti, I thought of that yesterday, whether I was creating a negative feedback loop.

I am mildly foul-mouthed normally — mildly compared to my construction worker dad, but much moreso than most women my age. Still, I have my Carlinesque moments…these are good rhythmically intense words that communicate clearly and I like to use them when I’m exasperated. Very Anglo-Saxon of me, I know.

Comment by bridgett

My legendary potty mouth was pretty much put aside until last weeks life implosion. Now it;s back full force. 🙂

Comment by imfunny2

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