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Dying of jealousy
February 12, 2009, 4:36 pm
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We will not have daffodils (except in tubs, in grocery stores) for about another three months. My internal clock has never reset to high north; I think it’s daffodil time right about now. Or now. Or maybe now. But I’m out of luck.


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I will take lots of pictures. I cannot wait! I have lots of stems. Apparently I’m waiting for buds and then blooms.

Ha, and that’s how you know I’m officially old. I’m talking all stems and buds and I mean daffodils.

Comment by Aunt B.

I prefer “buttercups” (I guess the name reminds me of fattening food), and they are busting out all over right now.

But, we haven’t had a single decent snow this year, so it’s a trade-off.

Comment by Slartibartfast

Aw, Bridgett, now you’re making me feel like a heel. So I guess I shouldn’t mention that between yesterday morning and this morning, I got several buds on my bulbs, including one that looks like it’s only two or three days from opening up.

Slarti, I know other locals who call daffodils “buttercups.” But then what do you call buttercups ?

Comment by nm

Butter and Eggs? Creeping Jenny? Little shiny yeller things?

No, all that means is that I need to move somewhere (or at least visit somewhere) with an earlier spring.

Comment by bridgett

Spring will happen in the fullness of time. And earlier for you than me, by the way!

Comment by patti

There’s always someone norther than you…

Comment by bridgett

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