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January 19, 2009, 8:50 pm
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Someone tried to defraud my mom yesterday. A young man called, posing as my eldest nephew, and tried to convince her that he was in jail in Toronto, Canada on a DUI charge and needed $4500 wired to him for bail. Now, my mom is no dummy and she knew the kid in question was not my nephew. She talks to my nephew all the time. So, she took the phone number of the “jail” and called my nephew just to check in (for many reasons, she knew he wasn’t out on a Canadian spree) and then called the cops. When she called the con man back — this time, he was posing as a Canadian cop — she strung him along to try to get the call traced. Unfortunately, he didn’t stay on the line long enough to get caught.

So, now I’m all unsettled. There’s some piece of shit out there with enough information (mom’s phone number, knows her relationship to my nephew, thinks he can play her) to be a nuisance. Luckily, he picked the wrong old lady to fuck with…but how many people get gulled like that every day? And what would have happened if she wasn’t sharp as a tack?


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Your Mom 🙂 displaying her great good sense again, but yes, it is worrisome that someine could just lift that stuff and try to manipulate her…

Comment by imfunny2

I have heard of this happening to several people – I guess all we can do is spread the word to our older loved ones. (The scammers seem to be targeting old(er) people with this one.)

Comment by RockyCat

I worry about something like this happening to my mom. Unfortunately, she’s no longer sharp as a tack, and while I don’t think she’d be taken in by a scam like this, I’m no longer positive she wouldn’t.

Comment by listie

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