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Quiet around here…
January 18, 2009, 11:57 am
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True to form, I went back to teaching this week and was sick by Friday. When students come back from break, they bring their germs from all over the region and it’s inevitable that there will be micro-organisms waiting to jump all over my white blood cells and give them a good beating. Yesterday I laid on the couch and dozed under a blanket while sports images paraded on the TV — women’s downhill skiing, men’s downhill skiing, basketball, luge. That’s when I knew I was really sick. I was watching luge and I didn’t even care enough to change the channel. I got the chills to go with my sore throat and then my husband took pity on me and made me some chicken soup. I wasn’t even laughing at Rocky and Bullwinkle, so you can judge how low this one laid me out.

However, it’s a fast-moving little bugger. I’m feeling much better today (still clogged in the head, but up to my old tricks like blogging) and I am off work until Wednesday, so it’s my hope that I’ll be set to jet by the time that I go back in the classroom. I need every minute of class time I’ve got and I need to set a high-energy example in these cold days of winter or else students too easily think that they can just hunker down at home and play Worlds of Warcraft instead of coming to class.


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