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The missing explanation…
January 16, 2009, 9:44 pm
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I’m just not hot enough.  Now see, all this time I have been busting ass trying to organize the information I present in student-friendly ways, challenging them to learn and then apply the concepts.  I should have skipped the PhD and gotten a boob job. Or, since the real key is to be a good-looking man, a sex change.

Anyone out there use Foner’s Give Me Liberty v. 1 for their intro survey? I’m currently using something else and I’m thinking about switching, in part because it would be much cheaper for my students to buy and the support materials on-line look to me to be better than what I’m using now and in part because the person who teaches the second half of the US survey uses v. 2 and I’d like us to give them some thematic continuity if we could. Of course, we don’t sequence the course (I’d have to teach nothing but Survey I in the fall and my colleague would have to teach nothing but US Survey II in the spring), so I don’t know even if we could convince our students to retain their texts for the whole cycle…

I am completely beat. Off to bed, Fred.


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Oh, lord have mercy.

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