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Really freakin’ cold.
January 15, 2009, 12:32 pm
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Today’s high is going to be 5.  Luckily, as part of the house rehab, we did a lot of draft-sealing, caulking, and insulating, but it’s still one of those days when I wish I had either a fireplace or a bigger cat or both. 

I’ve gotten worn down to the dull acceptance of snow (huge gobbing piles of snow from October to April and even, sometimes, May and June) as just how it is.  I’ve made my peace and bought the right kind of clothing and boots and learned how to work the gearbox on my car to help out when it’s icy and I’ve even learned the reason why everyone ties stuff on their antennae and leaves their windshield wipers sticking up off the windshield at night.  I budget an hour or two a week for digging out and if that doesn’t happen (like this week), then maybe I can blog a little more. If the power stays on, I crank up the crockpot and watch the snow and ice come down and even think it’s pretty.  I have the license to slow down a little in this frozen found time, plenty of time to drink all the milk and use all the toilet paper I bought.  Everyone is a little more understanding if I’m late: “Roads were slick out my way” is all you have to say and everyone just nods and praises you because that you got there at all. 

Shoulder-clenching, core-chilling cold, though?  Hate it.  Just hate it. Life continues on exactly at its normal pace except that everyone is frozen and hostile.  My coffee cools before I can get it into the car.  Walking to work is a torture and the boots that felt so warm when it was 17 degrees now feel insubstantial and lined with ice. There is no such thing as professional or sexy longjohns (maybe it’s all in the attitude? I can’t carry it off…) I don’t feel like doing anything but sitting in a hot tub or under an electric blanket. 

I think I’m going to look at the weather report and see how long we’re stuck with this.  I usually look forward to watching sports on the weekend, but lately (and I’m borrowing this line from my husband) college basketball is like watching a screen-saver.  Run run run shoot miss run the other way run run shoot miss. I might have to actually do something like prep for class in advance or develop a new syllabus for my upcoming environmental history class for next fall or something…


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The older I get, the more the cold bothers me. Sometimes I wish I could just hibernate, like the animals do ….

Comment by RockyCat


It was 24 degrees here this morning, in my kitchen! It makes me appreciate the difference between a cold house and homelessness.

Comment by democommie

It was about 12 degrees here in central NC this morning. It isn’t supposed to break into the 30s. This is really cold for this area.

I had a short conversation with our college president yesterday (a New York native) about what we did and did not miss about that snow. She seems more nostalgic for it than I am.

Comment by Gerald

Since it was only 7 degrees this morning in Nashville, I can only conclude that you folks to the east and north of us are in for a rare treat tomorrow. If by “treat” you understand “horror,” of course.

Comment by nm

it’s finally warmed up to 14º here. goddamn!
Toto, we ain’t in Alabama anymore….

Comment by Nick Dupree

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