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Dead fictional kittens
January 15, 2009, 1:55 pm
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Yes, you read that right.  

My daughter is playing a very complicated and long-running dramatic game during her recess time in which she and most of her classmates have organized themselves into animal clans (a la the Warriors book series).  She’s more or less stepped into the role of her clan’s historian — she’s a cat — and so she feels she needs to practice reciting the family webs and relationships of the dead and all their noble heroic deeds and stuff that one would expect a feline griot to master.

And I’m the audience.  And there will be a test.  This is not one of those things where I can get away with saying “uh huh” vaguely and let it go at that.  She will be listened to and heard.

Let me just say that while in the abstract I think it’s terrific that she’s so into story-telling and richly imagining characters and plots, in practical terms I am being driven absolutely insane listening to nonstop stories about the various ways that LeafKit, RainKit, WillowKit, StarKit, and a hundred other non-existent kittens snuffed it.  One decided to pursue the earliest spring butterfly across ice that was melting and drowned.  One was snatched up in the talons of a really big hawk when it was just a few weeks old. And so on.  

Why do children dwell on the inventively horrible?


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So they can control it and it won’t happen to them.

You are such a super mother. I can’t imagine how my mother would have reacted if I had tried telling her stories about the imaginary world a couple of my grade-school friends and I put together. Even though nobody died in our stories and most of the people were horses.

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