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An awesome running day
January 15, 2009, 12:10 pm
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Today, according to my iPod thingie, I posted:

  • my longest workout in miles run;
  • my longest workout in time spent in motion;
  • my fastest mile time;
  • my fastest 5k time; and
  • my fastest 10k time.

Now, to be honest, all of the “times” are laughably slow.  I’m still fat and move along at a clip that makes my daughter giggle to watch (which is why I “run” when she’s at school). However, I’ve logged nearly forty miles in the past ten days and I’m watching my times fall nearly every day.  

Some people like to do crafts.  Some people spend their time watching TV.  I’m spending a couple of hours a week running in circles and trying not to hear my mom’s voice telling me that if I’d expend that energy doing something useful (like making mittens for the homeless guys who knock over my recycling bin every Tuesday night or cleaning my house — hey, maybe I could make the mittens out of the cat fur that I harvest and I’d be recycling too!) that I’d be a better woman for it. 

So yes, an awesome waste of time when seen from the “what are you doing for humanity?” perspective.  But still, an awesome running day.


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Buy a BB gun and take up target practice. Recycling problem solved!

Comment by Exador

You’ve conferred with my husband about this, I see. His milk of human kindness curdled on this issue a long time ago.

Comment by bridgett

Keep runnin’ it’s good for you. 🙂

I’m attempting to tell myself I’m not useless…and the old tapes of my mom running in my head sound a bit less benevolent than yours

Comment by imfunny2

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