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My sabbatical is over and I am bummed.
January 11, 2009, 8:23 pm
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Tomorrow I head back to the classroom. That part I’m looking forward to doing — that’s why I wanted to be a professor. The eleventy-thousand meetings where we decide to meet next week because after a long meeting, we haven’t decided anything yet except to meet again…not so much. My academic accomplishments have been modest — a paper submitted, some progress on my mss, a revamp of my survey-for-majors course that I hope will be good. I haven’t yet managed to take my suit pants to the dry cleaners despite walking past them every day on the basement landing as I get ready to go pick my kid up and I’m betting now the pants are too big for me anyhow. I’ve walked or run about 300 miles, I’ve lowered my blood pressure by around 30 points, and I got rid of the arrhythmia, so I’m counting myself ahead of the game.

It appears likely, however, that I will start off the new semester already behind, with my syllabus not quite done and my lecture in disarray. And so it goes.


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Well, it’s a great thing to have clothing taken in…but yes meetings meetings and more meetings…Back in Ohio when I was just an insurance toad, I had to attend such nonproductive meetings day after day, because they were (supposedly) going to align my job process better, they *did* but not until 5 years had passed…sigh

Comment by imfunny2

I just saw this after leaving a meeting of the committee dealing with our re-accreditation efforts (this doesn’t occur until 2013). We had spent a month writing drafts of portions of the report and turning them in. At today’s meeting we received copies of the accrediting body’s suggestions of what to include in the sections of the report we just wrote. We then spent an hour an a half noticing things people didn’t include because they didn’t know they were supposed to be there to begin with.

My portion was poured over by four people who told me I should add “something” and “another piece of documentation.” Which something and what documentation has been left for me to figure out.

Welcome back!

Comment by Gerald

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