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My entire family is delusional.
January 4, 2009, 3:52 pm
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Everyone in my extended family has been sick in the past two weeks. Some of those sick relatives wound up coming to my mom’s Christmas dinner (long story short, they attended out of obligation that Mom was happy to stoke up when it appeared that common sense was prevailing and they were thinking about staying home). I bickered with my mom about the wisdom of getting everyone sick by exposing them to what appeared to be a pretty virulent strain of flu. She told me that family bonds should trump health considerations. Just to be sure that we were all really good and exposed, we went over to Flu Ground Zero for Sunday dinner the Sunday following Christmas. A week later (right before New Year’s), my daughter gets the same illness. My mom insists that Kid just has food poisoning because “(Kid) ate a lot at the restaurant last night.” Two days later, Mom is still trying to cling to the food poisoning-from-overconsumption theory.

I get sick on Friday coming home. Mom is now sicker than a dog. My brother (who also attended Christmas dinner at Mom’s) writes me today and says “Gee, I’m sorry you’re sick. Funny how things just seem to come out of nowhere. Sure hope you didn’t get Mom sick too.”

Why am I the only one who can grasp that entertaining a bunch of really ill people on Christmas might have something to do with getting their illness shortly after the turn of the new year?


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I *know!*

Why does logic *escape* so many sometimes? If you’ve got a flu bug, stay home from parties, school, work *until you don’t have it anymore so the risk of *more persons* getting sick is…Um…well…


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