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The jobs meme
January 3, 2009, 6:54 pm
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Jobs I’ve had, roughly chronologically:

Picking strawberries for a dime a quart.
Weeding gardens.
Selling onion sets.
Axe-murderer in a haunted house.
Ecological survey-taker for the WV Department of Natural Resources.
Singing for weddings.
Prep chef.
Line cook.
Art gallery guard.
Emu feeder.
Set tech.
Singing (anything that paid…stage work, weddings, back-up)
Drug store cashier — everything from aspirin to porn. L’Hommedieu’s, Avon, Ohio.
Retail — selling nursing uniforms at White House Uniforms, North Olmsted, Ohio.
Cantor at Mass, Holy Trinity Church, Avon, Oio.
Editor of a literary magazine.
Proofreader for Banks-Baldwin.
Legal editor/ghostwriter for Banks-Baldwin.
Manuscript editor for scholarly bio of Vlad the Impaler
Contract historian and author of book on Mill Creek Park in Youngstown, Ohio
Corn detassler.
Feature writer for children’s historical magazine (The Goldfinch).
Editor of a scholarly journal (The Annals of Iowa).
Op/Ed columnist for the Daily Iowan.
Newspaper feature writer for the Daily Iowan.
Standardized test grader at ACT.
Research assistant at UIowa
Teaching assistant at UIowa
Archival assistant at the Iowa Women’s Archives
Union organizer (UE)
Director of a Teaching and Writing Center, History Department, UIowa.
Professor of History, College of Saint Rose.
Costume mistress, Kid’s dance studio.
Author of a scholarly book (under review next week…part of my New Year’s Resolution).
Home improvement

I think that’s it. There’s probably others. I tend to pick up little jobs here and there, doing a day’s work to help someone out (bagging groceries when some worker doesn’t show up, helping someone hang a gallery show, taking tickets at DIY punk shows), but I didn’t throw those in because the list would have been way too long.

I know some of you have already done this meme. Link yourself in the comments area if you want. If you haven’t done it yet, give it a whirl…


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Ok, here we go…

Comment by imfunny2

Pooh, the link failed. Just go to

Comment by imfunny2


My, you have been busy! I never did it, but the corn de-tasseling thing was a rite of passage for a lot of young people in the mid-west. Gotta keep all of them hybrids pure, donchaknow.

I got tagged and did mine last week. I had no idea that my “professional” life was so, so non-existent. But, if I wanted to start a meme on ways of avoiding jobs, it would be pretty impressive!

Comment by democommie

I actually have a “can’t say no to work” problem. I have real difficulty walking past Help Wanted signs even now because I had so many years when I just had to get on anything I could do to make ends meet. One of the hardest things about finally getting into the middle class financially is making yourself believe it. Of course, in this economy, it’s probably wise to continue conducting myself like I’m going to have to scrounge for milk money under the couch cushions.

Comment by bridgett

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