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December 18, 2008, 7:26 am
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Tom’s an acquaintance (he lived in the next town over, was active in education issues well before he became governor, and of course all the Democrats know each other…). He wasn’t a total flop as a governor, though with Iowa’s pro-education culture, he didn’t face an uphill battle in trying to fund k-12 ed. He was less terrific for the colleges. He was pro-biofuels (especially E85), pro-technology development, and pro-alternative energy. He took over after the farm crisis was putatively over (trust me, it wasn’t over in the 1990s) and family farms just kept going under. Iowans still like him, but they’re a forgiving sort.

His strength is that he’ll be able to support a broader Energy policy that favors ethanol. If the big goal is energy independence, then he’ll probably be good at that. However, if Agriculture is supposed to be about food and health, I have my doubt. He’s not going to be much of an actor on the environment, nor is he going to try to undo the corporatization of American farming (what hath Butz wrought). HFCS, you and your health-wrecking capacity will be totally safe.

It’s the weakest appointment yet. He’s a good person, but I don’t think he has the policy chops. Hope I’ll be surprised.


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I hope he’s better at it than my “homey” Mike Johanns was.

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