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How you do your Christmas tree…
December 14, 2008, 8:11 pm
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says a lot about you, I think. (Of course, this applies only to them that does Christmas trees…)

Mine has a lot of homemade things. Our treetopper is a cardboard star covered with foil and wired to the back of a wingless angel with a pipecleaner. I have been known to deck the tree with oversized chandelier earrings I no longer wear. There are kid things. My daughter always claims the bottom of the tree and puts dozens of angels in her “choir.” Our manger scene is backed with a Star of David. We have dreidel balls, menorah balls, a lotus blooming, a ball for Eid al-Fitr, a peace tree, and a big sun ball for happy solstice. The snowmen hang out with the Teletubbies and the Bavarian glass gingerbread men. There are a lot of trains. Things get hung without drama and there’s no second-guessing placement (unless the cat won’t leave something alone). Sometimes we put on polyfill fiber to make snow, but this year we just went with lights and some tinsel stars.

The tree itself is very Charlie Brown. John and I bought it the first year we were together, walking to a drug store about a mile from my apartment to get the only tree we could afford that was small enough to lug back. It started to snow while we were buying it and we brought it back home in a blizzard. We have a nicer newer bigger artificial tree, but this one is the one I like and the one that says Christmas to me.

I know that some people prize their perfect trees with their matched ornaments and their uniformly hung lights. Everyone who likes the tree thing should have the Christmas tree they want, the one that means something to them. To me, my slightly askew, made with love tree is perfect.


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I was at a friends house this afternoon, relaxing while he and his wife did that whole “perfect tree” thing. They were having fun, I was drinking Port and then we had a nice prime rib for dinner. I would have been just as happy if their tree was ugly and the dinner was hamburgers (I do kinda want the Port, though). It’s never about the stuff, it’s always about the peeps.

Comment by democommie

One of the things I most look forward to about finishing this degree is moving to a house with room for a big holiday tree. And then I shall go fetch the family ornaments from my Mom and start having the sort of marvelous, slightly cattywumpus tree that you describe.

Comment by Krista

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