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A beautiful new (old) word
December 14, 2008, 11:43 am
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One of the things about getting older is that I’m learning new things all the time that I suspect I knew when I was younger and smarter than I am right now. Seriously. I asked for a particular movie for a Christmas present and my husband reminded me that he had gotten me that exact thing for Christmas three years ago and we hadn’t gotten around to watching it yet. He could have kept his mouth shut and merely wrapped it up again — I would not have known. It makes re-reading things a great pleasure, because if I kept the book, it means that it was a good one and so I am always sure I’ll enjoy it the second go round (and it will be just like I never read it before). The stuff I need to remember professionally doesn’t seem to be affected, nor does my private relationship memories (though I see I am beginning to rely on aids there too, bits of writing, journaling, blogging.) However, sometimes I reach in the brain-bag for a word and I come up with nothing but a hole where the word used to be. I guess everyone has that Flowers for Algernon sort of experience from time to time and I hope I live long enough to become simple again. The days will be ever-so long and I will feel the wind in my hair and not think forward or backwards but be as small children are, their cameras always recording just now.

Anyhow, here’s a great word: apotrope . A commentator over at Edge of the West noted that much of American conservative speech (the blaming of the poor, for example) can be explained as apotropaic gestures, like making the sign of the cross to ward off harm.

Speaking of, we’re going to my current favorite restaurant today. It has an evil eye painted in the foyer, right next to the security camera.


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Comment by John Gruver

Happy Birthday to a wonderfully beautifully wicked person!
glad to know you đŸ™‚

(what type of restaurant is this!)
Kain ein hara!!

Comment by Nick Dupree

Happy birthday!

Comment by Krista

It’s a Syrian-Lebanese restaurant owned by some recent Christian immigrants. The evil eye is there for protection from people envious of their success moreso than crime, but it’s a pretty common symbol throughout the Mediterranean.

Comment by bridgett

Happy Birthday, Bridgett!

Comment by RockyCat


I’ve always had a habit of forgetting WHAT I’m talking about. I’ll get worried when I forget WHO I’m talking to.

Syrian Lebanese sounds pretty good right about now.

Comment by democommie

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