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Periodic health update
October 25, 2008, 7:53 pm
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Well, the results of my various medical tests are starting to come back. Lots of good news, really. My fasting blood glucose test indicates that I don’t have diabetes and I assume that my current dietary habits are going to keep it that way for a while. My cholesterol, which I had always guessed would be hugely high, is actually quite good. I don’t eat much meat, so I guess that’s why. I tested at 163 and my HDL is 40. I need to raise that a little, but the aerobic exercise regimen will probably hike that over time (as will a little more wine…I really don’t drink much). Everything else they checked me for was fine. Since I don’t smoke or use illegal drugs, I have an excellent chance of living forever if I don’t get hit by a bus or something. I’ll get my mammogram results next week sometime.

The lifestyle transformation is going surprisingly well. Since September 8, I’ve lost 18 pounds. My nutritionist seems very satisfied with my current dietary choices. I have been working out (combo of intense cardio and long session aerobic exercise) five times a week and lifting three times a week. I’m still having pains in my lower joints, but as my weight drops and my fitness improves, I’m hoping that I won’t be so worried about falling (which is pretty much my constant worry) and messing up my ankles. My next challenge is figuring out how to keep my momentum when I am back to teaching. I think I’m just going to have to get better about saying no to non-essential stuff for a while, at least until I get my weight squared around and my book out. I like doing a good job at work and serving my students well, but it isn’t good teaching if it requires self-neglect on an epic scale.

Oh, and for those of you who know my mom, she just had a stress test and her cardiologist tells her that she’s in great shape, no erratic rhythms. Her blood sugar is ok and apart from being aggravated living in a Republican state, she’s fit as a fiddle.


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Congrats on your good health (and your mom’s)!

Comment by RockyCat


Good for you. I think I gotta start hitting the new gym that’s about a mile from my house. It has recumbent bikes and my knee needs to be doing some “spinning”. Keep on ‘truckin’!

Comment by democommie

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