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Things you don’t know about me
October 21, 2008, 9:50 pm
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1. I love the circus. I’ve been to pretty much every one that tours and many that usually don’t. My favorites were the Moscow Circus and Circus Flora, although I also like the Big Apple Circus. My tastes run to the small, dog-eared, and slightly creepy, but I will not go to a circus with the rep of neglecting or harming animals. As I get older, I am pretty much down on making any naturally non-domesticated animal “entertain” — if the elephant is smart enough to do the trick, why are we riding him?

2. I was an early Internet pin-up of sorts. My boyfriend in the mid-1980s was an early adapter of scanner technology and posted a digitized photo of me on the Internet. Guys in the Eastern Bloc (back when there was such a thing) assumed I was a “famous American actress.” There might have been all of five photos of women on the Internet, so it’s not like they had a lot to choose from.

3. I only want bananas until they turn yellow. Once they lose their greenness, I have no more use for them except as a baking ingredient.

4. I have a special devotion to Saint Dymphna. I have no idea why, in all the years I lived in the Cleveland-Akron area, I never knew that this was there.

5. While on a saint roll, I will say that I also used to have an odd upstairs neighbor who would sneak into my apartment and leave me holy cards. One of them looked like this. Although it was creepy at the time, I now think it was kind of sweet of her to leave me these pretty gifts. I used to have one of these, but I don’t wear it any more because my religious practice isn’t exactly what you’d call catholic (small c) or even Catholic, for that matter.

Blergh. Out of steam. I always think these are going to be more interesting than they are.


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You are one of the only other people who knows who Dymphna is, I think. Besides my godmother. Back when she lived in NOLA, we spent an afternoon building a Dymphna shrine in her study with materials we found at the St. Louis bookstore.

Comment by Krista

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