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October 21, 2008, 4:13 pm
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For me, today, it’s Rodney Crowell’s Sex and Gasoline. I was working out hard yesterday, over an hour into the cardio and after the weightlifting, when on one of the gym TV came this show about the “mommy makeover.” The audience was going nuts over the tummy tuck/boob lift/neck scrape/vag tightening multi-day surgery that this dumbass woman was going to have so her big fat balding goober of a husband would think she was a hottie. And she came out after all that extreme surgery and she was still, you know, sort of chunky (and obviously begirdled…the phrase five pounds of shit in a three-pound can crossed my mind) but with a nice hairdo and a flattering dress. And I thought to myself …”Self, what is this shit? No one is asking that dude to lipo his fat ass or get a dick lift, though he looks like he could use both. In fact, the audience would think it was weird if he did. And self, she says that she was depressed and now she feels better because she looks better. Aren’t you being judgy?” And says myself back “Yes, I am being judgy. She’s got four kids and a huge case of self-hatred going on. There is no surgery for profound denial and when the muscles sag again, she’ll be back on the hate train and her husband will leave her for someone else he can talk into self-mutilation.”

Don’t get me wrong here. It’s hard for me to accept that after a year of working out to my puking point, I’m going to look like a firmed up but still older 44-year-old mother. The body I’m working towards is not going to be the body I let go of fifteen years ago. On the plus side, the heart in that body will be fit, the muscles toned, and the sleep easier.
Sex & Gasoline

So much beauty abs & tush
Swoop down on you like a burnin bush
Pop religion bullwhip thin
Says you aint nothing but the shape youre in
Come on now girl genuflect nude magazine
This mean old world runs on sex and gasoline

19 candles adorn your cake
Lifes simple pleasures is a chance you take
So here’s the skinny indulge the urge
Then sometime later you can binge & purge
Come on little girl we both know what I mean
This mean old world runs on sex and gasoline

Your pushing thirty why you old hag
Here’s something dirty for your shopping bag
You spend the money and here’s the deal
We’ll do our best to mend your sex appeal
Ah come on dear girl the process is routine
This mean old world runs on sex and gasoline

Your over forty thats it for you
I’m pretty sure there’s nothing else that we can do
Perhaps the convent Perhaps the knife
You woulda coulda shoulda been a rich mans wife
Come on old girl Lolita in her prime was yet thirteen
This star crossed world runs on sex and gasoline

Tired ol story sad but true
We mama’s boy’s have got it in for you
Our faults are many our virtues nil
We never loved you and we never will
Ah come on now girl It’s time we both come clean
This mean old world runs on sex and gasoline

From the first grade princess to the last homecoming queen
The Star crossed world runs on sex and gasoline
The whole wide world runs on sex and gasoline
Oh yes and your momma’s world ran on sex and gasoline

I don’t know Holly Gleason from Adam, but looks like she grew up in Cleveland too, so maybe I know her some after all. I like how she writes about Crowell and about Alex Bevan (who I am delighted to hear is still playing — he’ll always be the Skinny Little Boy from Cleveland to me).


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Crowell lost his major-label deal when he stopped being a pretty young thing, so he can empathize. I don’t mean that in a snarky way. He’s gone from being the darling of CMT back in the day to being glad when Keith Urban has a hit with one of his songs. He has made the transition with a lot more class than most artists I can think of, though he still does drape himself artfully when in public, so the longing to look good, at least, is still there for him. But between that and the fact that he has a bunch of daughters, he gets it.

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