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If you don’t believe me, go ask the real socialists.
October 21, 2008, 8:25 am
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From the horse’s mouth — the Illinois socialists telling you why Barack Obama isn’t even close to being a socialist.

The funniest line: “It’s tough these days because you’ve got politicians on the right, the same guys who just helped nationalize the banking system, derisively and inaccurately calling the presidential candidate on the left a socialist. That’s enough to make Karl Marx harumph in his grave.”

Me personally? I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass if he was and would probably like him better if he were further to the left. However, at this point, a solid centrist will do me fine. I don’t think red-baiting is going to work because a) the older people who would respond to this are already in the bag for McCain; b) most younger people don’t remember the Cold War and wouldn’t know a fascist from a commie (trust me, I teach your young every single day…they are more conversant with the number of outfits that Paris Hilton’s dog has) — college freshmen were born in 1990, friends; and c) the younger folks who do know what a socialist is can clearly see that Obama isn’t. It’s time to stop tweeting on that particular dog-whistle.

Google the phrase “job-killing socialist.” That’s the headline on all of Murdoch’s foreign English-language papers. Is that an actual quote from McCain or is that just some reporter’s summation of the overall thrust? I am guessing he’s trying to mobilize Eastern Europeans immigrants and their kids in PA (who have many reasons to fear socialism), but I’ve been in the coal region lately and it’s seriously bumming. They will vote for the guy that they think will bring jobs back to their area.


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By their own standards, both Palin and McCain are socialists.

Palin redistributed wealth to the public from Alaska’s oil industry. McCain has had socialized medicine through his whole life.

Comment by William

Not to mention their enthusiastic support for other forms of redistribution, tax giveaways, and federal bailouts for this and that bank. Voters can now choose their preference on “to whom does the government redistribute” but no one in the race has a track record that would allow them to ask “should it be in the business of redistributing?”

Comment by bridgett

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