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Check your voter registration
October 21, 2008, 10:49 am
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For the rest of you non-NY peeps, here’s how you can check your voter registration — make sure it’s active.

Now that you are sure that you are registered, consider voting early if you are in one of the 34 states that offer “no excuse” absentee (vote by mail) voting or “no excuses” in-person “early voting” at the office of the county elections official. According to the Early Voting Information Center (Reed College, Oregon), these states are:

Alaska Hawaii Maine North Dakota Utah
Arizona Idaho Montana Ohio Vermont
Arkansas Illinois Nebraska Oklahoma Washington
California Indiana Nevada Oregon West Virginia
Colorado Iowa New Jersey South Dakota Wisconsin
Florida Kansas New Mexico Tennessee Wyoming
Georgia Louisiana North Carolina Texas

Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas and West Virginia permit “no excuses” early voting in the office of elections official, but require an excuse for mail ballot absentee voting.

New Jersey and Washington State permit no excuses mail-in voting, but do not allow early voting at the elections office.

The State of Oregon is unique in that all voting is by mail-in ballot. There is no machine voting of any kind (this is also true in two small California Sierra Mountains counties, Alpine and Sierra). Also, in 37 of the 39 Washington State counties, there is no machine voting of any kind. Only King County (Seattle) and Pierce County (Tacoma) use voting machines, and in 2009, King County will switch to all-mail balloting.


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The early voting here in NC has been unbelievable. Two friends of mine stood in line for two hours on Sunday. I heard a news report that about 325,000 people voted during the first two days of early voting here. This is also our first time with the “one-stop” where voters can register and then vote at the same time during early balloting.

Comment by Gerald

Gerald, that’s a pretty wow number but Tennessee has you beat. In the first four days of early voting, 13% of voters in the Volunteer State have cast their ballots — nearly half a million people.

I feel like this is a signal that we would have all really liked to call a snap election and gotten rid of the jokers we had months or years ago…it’s a deficiency of the system that we can’t speed up the “I’m sick of you” message.

Comment by bridgett

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