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Maps only a partisan could believe
October 15, 2008, 5:34 am
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Dick Morris is so wrong here that we’ll look back at this one and say “what in the hell was he thinking?”
I mean, I like happy endings as well as anyone, but it’s not going to look like this. And besides, 21 days is several lifetimes in politics. Only a smug jackass seeking to revive his failing political pundit fortunes would wheel out something like this….and yes, I said that in my out-loud voice.

He’s particularly wrong about Tennessee and Arizona and probably wrong about about Arkansas.


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Never like Morris in the least. Possibly, the shooting of a Dem party leader in Ark may have folks clamoring for a change, but its a stretch.

Comment by Mr. Mack

What I’ll say bout TN is that white voters here will vote for a black guy if they like his politics. Harold Ford showed that. I guess that’s why Morris shows us leaning blue. But Ford is very conservative, whereas Obama is moderate, and mostly perceived as liberal, and his politics aren’t so popular here. Plus all the talk about taxes makes voters here nervous; they start shrieking and running in circles whenever the word is even mentioned. OTOH, the level of enthusiasm for Obama and for voting in Nashville is like nothing I’ve seen here before, and that has to mean something. So, yeah, I think Obama will do better than Kerry did last time around, but frankly I think it would be an astounding moral victory if he did as well as Ford.

Comment by nm

This is from the Onion, right?

How Morris is taken seriously is beyond me. He’s never been right in any of his bold predictions. For a while, he said what the right wanted to hear, so he was tolerated (which was stupid IMHO, considering his past).

A piece of polling advice: any poll that weighs less than 35% for either party is not going to be accurate in the end. Any poll (like the goofy CBS poll that has Obama up 14%) that samples more independents than Republicans should give one pause.

Rasmussen is probably the closest to reality right now, but I guess we’ll see.

Comment by Slartibartfast

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