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Phone call home
October 9, 2008, 6:10 pm
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On balance, the upsetting was outweighed by the good, but only because the good news was that my nephew is going to be a father! He and his wife announced the pregnancy yesterday. So, wow, bunnies and flowers and all manner of positive happies over that one.

But after that, the drumbeat of bad news got pretty loud. I got the address of my cousin stationed in Afghanistan because he needs some warm clothes. The Guard guys haven’t had their winter gear shipped to them, apparently, or if they have, it’s not working. He says he’s freezing his nuts off. His mom sent him a couple more blankets. I’m sending him some more socks. Maybe he can wrap them around his nuts. He broke up his bottom denture plate and they were going to send him to Germany to get dental work. He was on the airstrip ready to board the plane (and dreaming about getting warm in Germany once he got there) and he was pulled from the flight. Because he’s in the Kentucky Guard and isn’t regular Army, they won’t pay for either his flight or his dental work. Now he can’t chew anything. He smokes a lot of cigarettes. I suggested in my letter that he be sure to tell the Taliban that he’s not regular Army when they are trying to blow his ass up. What a crock of shit to be halfway around the world, freezing cold, undersupplied and put in harm’s way by a government that won’t even keep you in fighting shape.

More bad news. Two guys broke into my Aunt Opal’s garage and stole all her dead husband’s tools and work things. It’s not like she was going to use them — she’s 88 and in a wheelchair with Parkinson’s and probably lucky they didn’t come on in the house and knock her in the head for her trouble. However, what kind of deadbeats steal from a crippled old lady? Meth heads, that’s who.

Speaking of, my mom’s best friend has three sons — one’s 22, one’s 20, one’s 16. It’s been quite a week. The 22-year-old (meth head) was let out of county jail where he’d been serving small time for stealing his step-daddy’s guns and reselling them for drug money. So, he’s back on the pipe again, looking for more crap to steal. Mom saw him yesterday and says it’s like looking at Dorian Gray’s portrait. He hit her up for money; she offered to buy him a meal instead and got cussed at. The 20-year old can’t keep a job because of drugs…lays around stoned all day, sells pot to make money to feed the munchies, dead end. The 16-year-old’s girlfriend had a baby yesterday. He’s still in high school playing football — coach wouldn’t let him miss practice to see his baby born. Just another day in Eastern Kentucky.

Sometimes I think the mountains are a nightmare from which some people just can’t wake up.


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I thought that when deployed, you fall under the same rules as regular Army because you’re then active duty. Something is definitely not right here. I’d suggest contacting your Congressman/woman to look into this. Or your local and national media.

Comment by Kathy T.

Sometimes I feel so helpless….

Comment by nm

I’m from a small, mountain town in NC and your three losers in Kentucky sound like most of my cousins.

Comment by casey


Meth appears to have replace “White Lightnin'” in a lot of rural communities. I grew up in Nebraska which has meth labs in small rural communities. It seems that the reason for this is the idea that when people are on their own (or rented) property in the sticks it’s nobody’s business but theirs what they’re up to. Of course when a doublewide explodes and they find 55G drums of solvent in the debris some people might opine that they never really knew they biker fellers weren’t farmers. I’ve not yet seen a Harley with a PTO for running a corn sheller.

Comment by democommie



I’m sorry.

Comment by imfunny2

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