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October 9, 2008, 8:41 pm
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It’s a funny slip, and by itself, not too significant. There’s a Youtube of it that you can seek out if you want. Keep your eyes on Cindy McCain and Sarah Palin — they don’t bat an eyelash as Grandpa pisses in the silverware drawer.

It’s a slip, not some signal that he’s slipping into dementia. However, he’s clearly exhausted. He’s short of breath (some of the choppy weird diction in the debate came from lack of breath). The fatigue is making it hard for him to walk fluidly and Americans are so freaked out about disability that he can’t simply sit down when he feels like it. (The unsubstantiated smear is that he’s exhibiting symptoms of Parkinson’s — the darting tongue, the jerky steps — but I think he’s probably just really tired and dehydrated.) He’s an old man. If he’s elected, he’s already at a physical low point. I think, however, that he’s on the cusp of realizing that he just spent the last two years of his dwindling life chasing a dream that will not come true. That’s got to leave a mark.

From a human decency point of view, I hope he gets to retire to one of his houses in Scottsdale.


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I thought what was sad/funny about it was that he can make a slip like that at the same time Cindy is running around talking about how McCain could never have PTSD because he was an officer.

Comment by Aunt B.

I started to think during the last debate that McCain has a bad back, probably from all the different airplane seats and limos and plastic chairs he’s had to deal with over the past year or so. He looked like a guy who could use a good rest. He doesn’t look like a guy with Parkinson’s — or dementia, either. All this “he’s oooooold and dying” stuff really bothers me.

Comment by nm

I don’t like the man, but all it takes is a little bit of empathy to think what kind of physical toll this campaign is wreaking on him. I’m comparatively young and strong and a week of eating bad food, sleeping in strange hotel beds, and having no privacy leaves me feeling like death warmed over.

If anything, it makes me more aware that performing health and youth — his “bounding up the stairs” schtick, the negative reaction people had to his “wandering around” on stage which was merely doing the same thing that Obama did only in an older man’s body — is very important to American voters, but I don’t think that most of them realize that their biases about disability and age are as potent as their biases about race. At least that’s not a discussion that I’ve read much about this campaign cycle.

Comment by bridgett


Much of what you say about aging is true, but McCain put himself where he is. Hell, I’m a mere 58 (damn near 59) and I sound like an old house in high winds when I get up in the morning. McCain should have stayed out of the race. All the campaign has done is make it increasingly apparent that he IS 72 years old. Fortunately he’s got a young, vibrant–if crazier than a shithouse rat in a thermometer factory-running mate ready to step in when he keels over.

Comment by democommie

Speaking of slips, here’s a rather embarrassing one on a ballot from up your way:

Comment by John Gruver

Rensselaer County is McCain country; it’s Joe Bruno’s old district (before he was nudged to the edge of the cliff by the NY attorney general for corruption). They do a lot of screwy things over there “by accident.” One of the big guns in the GOP over there is the head of the DMV — he’s a leader in the national anti-immigration movement and is rumored to be unusually and probably illegally thorough in checking the paperwork of every Hispanic that comes through his office. Not really all that surprising.

Comment by bridgett

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