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Illegal? Let’s do it anyhow!
October 9, 2008, 9:43 am
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Voter purging, that is. As I suspected, the voter purging going on is being conducted in some states by illegal methods (SS card matches) and in Colorado, far outstrips the number of people who have died or moved in the preceding year. Not every state allows day-of-voting provisional ballots, either. This is going to be a huge mess.

October 10th is the final day to register in NY.


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Hmmmm. We are beset with suppression AND fraud.

I have a solution to all this, which I’ll outlining after my political embargo ends, along with the ceremonial 30-day sulking period.

Comment by Slartibartfast

I suspect that this is what happens when a state goes motor voter and then people move around. To be flat honest with you, the Democratic party just isn’t sufficiently organized to be sneaky on a grand scale. (It pains me to admit, but it’s true. We can’t agree on which way to drive down a one-way street.)

Anyhow, I don’t know about you, but I moved county to county four years ago and my license isn’t due to be renewed until December. It’s sixty bucks each time you change addresses, so people here typically wait until the very last minute to make the switch. Though I’m great with the Board of Elections and have cleared up my registration to vote in my current county of residence, I suppose that there is a small chance that I’m still also on the rolls in my previous county because that’s where my license says I live. And I know that I was carried on the rolls in my home town in Ohio for about fifteen years past my last residency there because I was “in college.” It’s a teeny small town and everyone knew that I was out in Iowa in grad school; even though I had made it clear to my parents that I wasn’t coming back to live, I guess I sent mixed signals when I came back to my home parish to get married and I held my wedding reception in one local hall big enough to swing a cat.

Comment by bridgett

I sent in my New York registration a few weeks ago. I hope it works….

Comment by Nick Dupree

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