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Ground game in Indiana
October 9, 2008, 1:10 pm
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Having just told Slarti about the historical lack of ground game in the Democratic Party, I now offer a grain of salt…as in, take this glowing article about Democratic organizing efforts in Indiana with a huge grain of salt. I have spent a lot of time in rural southern Indiana (my dissertation required about a year of courthouse attic research in towns like Princeton, Vincennes, and so forth) and so I know whereof I speak. There’s a huge difference between Bloomington and French Lick. The idea that there is just one Indiana to organize is a big mistake because (not to be too wonky about it) these aren’t the same people; they come from different places, historically speaking. Southern Indiana people held slaves and indentured servants and fought like hell to keep them. The whole state had huge Copperhead sympathies during the Civil War. Southern Indiana was instrumental in voting in a Klan governor in the 1920s. I am surprised and pleased that the race is so close (and I am thanking the men and women organizing in Gary and Indy for the tightness of the race), but I will be beyond astonished if Indiana goes blue.


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You can’t ignore ACORN forever.

Comment by Slartibartfast

I’m not ignoring ACORN. I think they do good and necessary civic work that no one else was lining up to do. Any group that organizing voter registration on such a massive scale should be applauded. If even as many as 5% of those millions of people they’ve enrolled turn out to be bogus, big fucking deal. 95% is what one calls an “acceptable failure rate.”

There. I’ve talked about ACORN.

Comment by bridgett


Astonished? šŸ˜€


I thought of you and this post as the incredible Indiana victory and the UNPRECEDENTED CLEAN SWEEP of the midwest unfolded on my TV.



Check out my thoughts on the election results: Obama Victory A Great Moment, Now The Hard Work Begins

Comment by Nick Dupree

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