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October 8, 2008, 11:20 am
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Did you know that McCain’s people are from Carroll County, Mississippi? His great-granddaddy was a plantation owner there. He was too young to have fought in the Civil War — he was only 15 at the end of it — but he did serve as a sheriff there for many years. For those of you who don’t know your post-Reconstruction history, sheriff is the position given to the guy willing and able to enforce black subordination, solidify the power of the white power elite, and work hand-in-hand with local banking officials to conduct tax sales and collect debts. Sheriffs, too, are the ones who helped to create reality at the poll table — it didn’t matter what the law said so much as it mattered what the sheriff wanted it to mean.

Granddaddy McCain was an Old Miss alum and there are numerous sites on the Old Miss campus named for McCain, which might explain why they had the first debate in Oxford. (McCain has visited the campus on speaking tours, thanks to his close working relationship with Trent Lott.)

McCain’s daddy and mom were a little wild side — they eloped and got married on a spree a bar in Tijuana. His father was a bitter-ender who just could not believe that the Nixon Doctrine (Vietnamization) wouldn’t work. Apple didn’t fall that far from the tree, did it?

If he wins, there’s already an aircraft carrier named the USS John S. McCain after his daddy and granddad, so that would be a cost savings.


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